Uncle Wink, Hoicka’s campy and endearing male fantasy persona has an anatomically correct lycra suit of “skin” and “muscle.” Wink is a soft cross-dresser, always active and pursuing projects whether they are socially accepted or not.

Uncle Wink is pursuing projects, while his close mate Randall is invariably telling stories. While Uncle Wink might get anxious, he is concerned with social acceptance in a more inwards way than Randall. His biggest fear would be to not be able to do what he wants and how he wants to, while Randall’s fear would be not to not be loved by the world for who he is.

Uncle Wink likes to perform and is always creating his own fantasy self-portraits whether through photography or painting, namely for himself, inside his surreal domestic sets which border between real and imaginary.

He was the patient in Trust My Gut: A Drag Opera Surgery (2011-12). He additionally created 6 paintings in a 12 hour painting frenzy as part of Paul Butler’s “The Other Painting Competition” (2011) at the Art Gallery of Ontario for Nuit Blanche. The paintings were on display in the AGO Community Gallery, Weston Family Learning Centre.