“Untitled: YouTube Frame” is a collaboration between Marisa Hoicka and Johnny Forever. This crocheted yarn 6’x 9’ frame was initially used for their performances in Trust My Gut: A Drag Opera Surgery.

Hoicka and Forever’s D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) crocheted frame steps beyond the typical ways YouTube users create and share their own video content, with crocheted form relating structurally to binary code.

By hanging the frame from the ceiling, centrally in the gallery, they allowed viewers both to perform and to view one another through the front and back of the frame simultaneously, referencing how they YouTube and share the world around them: viewers engage in their own created live performances.

Over the course of the 8 weeks, the red play bar grew each week an eighth of the space to the right to mark the passing of time during the exhibition. The entire line was red when the exhibition came to an end.

“Untitled: YouTube Frame” was featured at Oakville Galleries in “Depth of Perception” (2015) curated by Jon Davies.