Randall is a budding queen and very close to Uncle Wink. He is Hoicka’s flamboyant, high maintenance, compulsive, chatterbox drag persona. Randall performs domestic activities like cleaning with style because he’s sharing them with his fans, whether they are real or imaginary. As Randall would say, his name is in full “It’s Randall, not Randy.”

Randall was originally created to further develop Hoicka’s persona, Uncle Wink. While Uncle Wink is constantly doing things, Randall is always talking about what is going on and telling stories about Uncle Wink.

When attending events, Randall socializes with the audience before the show. He considers it important to get to know his many “fans.” Randall was initially created to come across as annoying but as the performance progresses he will reveal a “flaw”, concern or worry that the audience can either relate to or feel empathy for.

While Uncle Wink does not want to come up against barriers in allowing him to pursue his interests and be who he is, Randall on the other hand is more outward in that he wants the entire world to love him,

Personas are layered in the development of Randall, one of which is his recurring fascination with impersonating Celine Dion, he embodies her as though he knows all the detailed inner workings of her personal life and everyday mundane activities.

To distinguish Hoicka’s features from Uncle Wink and become Randall, she made a prosthetic nose by casting a friend’s nose. Randall has sewn prosthetic breasts made from the same lycra as Uncle Wink’s skin.

Randall appeared in Eat Sleep Breath and Shit at VSVSVS (2011), Dream Baby Dream: Interrogated by Teens (2011) where he was Interviewed by the Torontonians at YYZ Artist’s Outlet, Stoptalking (2011) at The Whitehouse Studio Project and in Trust My Gut: A Drag Opera Surgery for upArt Contemporary Art Fair (2011) at the Gladstone.