This is Not a Test


This is Not a Test
2012, 00:30 minutes, colour

“This is Not a Test” encourages viewers to step beyond passive consumption and traditional media, by preparing them to view video coming to life.

The curtains invite each viewer to step beyond the screen into another reality and enjoy the different ways that people can interact and play with video. A spotlight centred on the SMPTE test pattern reminds viewers of curtains being used to introduce a more traditional show, paralleling the use of SMPTE colour bars to introduce a traditional video.

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This is Not a Test was first created as an installation that appeared at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (2012). The video has been screened at San Francisco MoMA (2013), the Images Festival (2014), The Rebels with a Cause Film Festival (2013), Oakville Galleries (2015), and on all Air Canada Flights through the Images Festival (2015.)